Friday, May 28, 2010

Project 3-Healthy Happy People for Brochure

Project 3 was to shoot photo's of Healthy Happy People for a health clinic brochure. The object was to capture happy people interacting with each other. I enlisted my friend Taraka and her two little ones Tucker and Taylor for the first photo; Cate, Tegwyn and their friend Brie for the second one; and once again Brie for the third.

I didn't turn this one in but couldn't resist adding it here since it is so darling!

Location Project Two-Interior shots

I had a great idea for this project, to check out the Masonic Hall downtown Spokane. I had heard alot about the inside of the place, so when I was looking for a place to shoot inside I went and checked the place out. What a beautiful place it was too. Thanks to a great couple of assistants, Jim and Shirleen, I was able to get great photo's for class.

Here is the beautiful Masonic Temple from the outside that I took last fall. You can see why I was intrigued about the inside.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fish Lake Trail

The day I got my cast off I went exploring hoping to find this great old building I had seen in anothers photo. I thought I knew about where is was and set off to find it. The trail was all paved and I decided to give myself some freedom. I told myself that I wouldn't walk to far but ended going about 2 miles round trip. Having the cast off and wearing my walking boot felt envigorating! The trail starts under the railroad tressel and goes over I-90. A big bonus was that the weather was beautifully sunny. I never did find the building I was looking for. Instead I found an abundance of nature. I even dared to go uphill on a small trail. I was rewarded with a beautiful view and fields of yellow daisys. The hard part was coming back down the trail. When I got back to the car, I was rewarded with a train going overhead!

Little Spokane River Natural Area

A couple weeks ago I had a unexpected break between classes. The weather was decent at the time so I decided to head north about 20min to the Little Spokane River area. There is a beautiful two lane road that whines alongside the river. It is just starting to turn green and show a glimps of what it will become in a couple weeks of sun. I am sure that I made quite the sight to those that drove by, me hobbling along the road with my cast on my foot and my camera in hand. :)